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July/August 2009

Eye Safety

Subcommittee F08.57 on Eye Safety for Sports, part of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities, is currently developing a new standard for motorcycle/moped/snowmobile goggles and revising an existing standard for skier goggles.

According to Charley French, an F08.57 member and an engineer with Scott USA, there currently are no goggle standards for motorcycle, moped and snowmobile use. WK23632, Specification for Goggle- and Spectacle-Type Eye Protectors for Selected Motor Sports, will be used by off-road motorcycle/all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile goggle manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers.

In addition to developing WK23632, Subcommittee F08.57 is in the process of extensively revising standard F659, Specification for Skier Goggles and Faceshields, which was originally published before the formation of Subcommittee F08.57. “As newer eyewear standards have been written by the subcommittee, it became apparent that in order to update F659, it would be easier and cleaner to rewrite it,” notes French. The standard is used by ski/snowboard goggle manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

“Both the proposed WK23632 and the revised F659 are being developed around leading products in their fields with safety and durability as the goals,” says French.


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