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July/August 2009

Vapor Intrusion

Six months after the spring 2008 publication of ASTM standard E2600, Practice for Assessment of Vapor Intrusion into Structures on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions, the task group that developed it surveyed users to receive feedback on the new standard.

According to Anthony Buonicore, CEO of the Buonicore Group and chair of the vapor intrusion task group, the survey results have led to several proposed revisions to E2600, which have been balloted and will be discussed at the task group’s October 2009 meeting. E2600 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee E50.02 on Real Estate Assessment and Management, part of ASTM International Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action.

“What we were looking for was feedback on the standard from people who were using it,” says Buonicore. “We received many comments as to what people liked, didn’t like, what makes sense, what didn’t. Survey results were discussed at the E50 meeting last fall and we began work on the revisions now being balloted.”

The revisions have gone out for ballot to Subcommittee E50.02 and Buonicore hopes to have a main committee ballot after the negatives and comments have been considered following the October 2009 meeting.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the ongoing revisions to E2600.


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