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July/August 2008

The International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce operates on behalf of U.S. industry to ensure its competitiveness, fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements. The ITA Web site links to groups within ITA such as MAC and TCC, and outside relevant groups as well. Also included are resources to help U.S. businesses, news related to international trade and the various groups within ITA.

Through the ITA standards and competitiveness home page, information about standards and international trade is collected into one place for easy access. Click here.

Another highlight is online references covering international trade topics that can be found at by clicking here. Available publications include:

  • Export Programs Guide — describes more than 100 federal programs offered by 19 federal agencies to assist U.S. exporters;
  • Protect Your Intellectual Property: Stop Trade in Fakes — includes basic information on how to obtain and protect intellectual property rights; and
  • Vietnam: The Next Frontier for Trade in Asia — discusses the challenges and potential for the information and communication technology industry.

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