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July/August 2008

The ASTM International Directories

Connect with Equipment Manufacturers, Testing Labs and
Consultants/Expert Witnesses at the ASTM Web Site

An engineer investigating an ASTM standard on the Web finds information about equipment manufacturers and testing labs as well as summary material about the test method.
A company needing product certification finds a lab that runs one of a number of specific tests.
And a community locates possible consultants for a children’s play park adjacent to a recreation center.

These professionals are using the ASTM International directories, a trio of resources — of equipment manufacturers, testing laboratories, and consultants and expert witnesses — found online at the ASTM Web site. Like yellow pages devoted to ASTM-related information, the directories are easily searched and free to users; those advertising pay annual fees for their entries plus any banner ad or sponsored listings.

Thomas Sliva, vice president and technical director of DL Labs in Brooklyn, N.Y., both lists in and refers to the directories. “Without the ASTM equipment, testing or consultants directories, it would be very difficult for us to meet all the needs of our clients,” he says. “The chemists in our lab use the ASTM equipment directory to find supplies and sources for the ASTM tests that they need to run. We are contacted by clients who want to use our services for legal depositions or as experts on using ASTM test procedures. We in the front office use the testing directory daily while dealing with inquiries from clients.”

Links from the ASTM International home page connect the user to a search page for each directory. Each directory listing, accessed through a search, then begins with contact information followed by details about the firm or individual and their capabilities. Full-text search functionality built into all three directories provides a number of ways to locate needed information, either by keyword, services, categories or location. In addition, standards summary Web pages include tabs for related equipment manufacturer and testing lab directory entries.

The ASTM International Directory of Equipment Manufacturers provides information on equipment type, from tensile and torque measurement items to automotive brake and engine testers, as well as tests the items can do or the materials they analyze. Each piece of equipment can be found according to how the manufacturer chooses to list it. A company can list up to 50 pieces of equipment and 20 standards for each piece — a potential total of 1,000 individual items.

The time-honored ASTM International Directory of Testing Laboratories (first published by ASTM International in 1954, and even earlier by the Department of Commerce and National Bureau of Standards, but now available online only) covers products tested, lab and testing services, lab accreditations and staffing as well as direct contact information through e-mail or Web sites. Labs can list up to 100 standards for tests they conduct.

And the ASTM International Directory of Scientific and Technical Consultants and Expert Witnesses delivers specifics about professionals, their services and their expertise, as well as their geographic service areas and whether they consult and/or take on expert witness roles.
For all three directories, listings can be easily changed at any time by the advertiser, and revisions, which can be made without any additional cost, are posted online within 24 hours. Suggestions for additional categories to the consultants and expert witnesses and equipment manufacturers directories are also welcome.

“The amount of time and energy that is saved by having these sources available is invaluable,” Sliva says. “The old saying is ‘time is money,’ and we save a great deal of time by having access to these directories.”

Contact Ellen McGlinchey, advertising sales manager (phone: 610-832-9611) with thoughts or questions.