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July/August 2008

Skate Parks and Water Play Areas Now Covered by Fence Standards

“Don’t Fence Me In,” wrote Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher in 1934, but that was long before the invention of modern-day skate parks and water spray play areas. These are clearly zones that need to be fenced in, for the safety of those within and outside of the areas, and two new ASTM International standards provide guidance on how to create and install this fencing. ASTM F2698, Guide for Fences for Above-Ground and In-ground Skate Park Facilities, and F2699, Guide for Fences for Commercial and Public Outdoor Water Spray/Play Areas, have been developed by Subcommittee F14.10 on Specific Applications, part of ASTM International Committee F14 on Fences.

According to Arthur Mittelstaedt Jr., executive director, Recreation Safety Institute, and F14 member, both F2698 and F2699 provide the relevant technical fence fabrication, construction, installation and maintenance for a variety of fencing types for water spray/play areas and for skate parks. Provisions within each of the standards have been included to protect spectators and those outside the facilities, as well as those participating in play activities. The security of equipment within parks is also addressed in the standards.

“These standards will be used by recreation planners, facility designers, landscape architects, engineers, specifiers and purchasers who are involved in meeting the growing demands of the recreation industry,” says Mittelstaedt, who notes that representatives from each of those professions were involved in the development of the standards. “Further participation from all interested parties in the subcommittee is invited to enhance the standards to provide for more safety at skate parks, water play areas and other popular recreational facilities,” says Mittelstaedt.

CONTACT Technical Information: Arthur H. Mittelstaedt Jr., Recreation Safety Institute, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Phone: 516-883-6399

ASTM Staff: Thomas O’Toole

Phone: 610-832-9739