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July/August 2008

Torque calibration tools include torque transducer, bridge simulator and
mV/V indicator.

New Torque Calibration Standard Will Help Reduce Laboratory Uncertainties

Working toward a standard practice for torque calibration that would reduce laboratory inconsistencies and uncertainties has led to the approval of a new ASTM International standard, E2428, Practice for Calibration of Torque-Measuring Instruments for Verifying the Torque Indication of Torque Testing Machines. The new standard was developed by Subcommittee E28.01 on Calibration of Mechanical Testing Machines and Apparatus, part of ASTM International Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing.

“We expect a broad spectrum of laboratories with various capabilities and measurement uncertainties to adopt the methods in E2428, bringing uncovered scenarios to light,” says Dave Kreitlow, operations supervisor/quality manager, MTS Metrology and Calibration Laboratory. “This will trigger continual improvement opportunities for the subcommittee to discuss and potentially implement in future revisions.”

Kreitlow also notes that active involvement by the calibration and testing industry was critical in the development of E2428. “Now that the standard has been published, maintaining and fine-tuning E2428 will depend on the continued active input and participation of current and future Committee E28 members,” says Kreitlow.

All interested parties are also encouraged to join in the development of a proposed new standard, WK6364, Practice for Torque Verification of Torque Testing Machines and Devices. “E2428 is the foundation standard to support the testing machine torque calibrations addressed in WK6364,” says Kreitlow.


Technical Information: Dave Kreitlow, MTS Systems Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn.

Phone: 952-937-4133

ASTM Staff: Kevin Shanahan

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