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 January 2007
ASTM International News

ASTM International and COMENOR Agree to Collaborate

The presidents of ASTM International and the Mexican Council on Normalization and the Evaluation of Conformity (COMENOR) signed a collaboration agreement on Nov. 9, 2006. James Thomas, president, ASTM International, and Rafael Nava, president, COMENOR, signed the agreement during the celebration of COMENOR’s yearly forum in Mexico City.

Rafael Nava (left), president, COMENOR, and James Thomas, president, ASTM International.

COMENOR supports the Mexican business sector in areas of trade, technology and standards development. The purpose of the collaborative agreement is to enhance the relationship between ASTM International and COMENOR in order to increase the ability of both institutions to support Mexican business people in their technical needs, foster the growth of the Mexican economy through its business people in the international market and support the growth of knowledge and participation in the development of standards and technical documents that are most influential in international trade.

Goals of the collaborative agreement include promoting communication between the two agencies, avoiding duplication of effort in developing standards and promoting the participation of Mexican business people in developing ASTM International standards. //

ASTM Staff and Committee Members Participate in NIST Workshop

ASTM International staff and committee members joined participants from Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and the United States at the Standards in Trade Workshop for the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan on Standards, Codes, and Conformity Assessment for Life Safety and Building Construction. The workshop, which was one of a series of Standards in Trade programs hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, 2006, at NIST Headquarters in Gaithersburg, Md. Information shared among participants at the Standards in Trade workshops often serves as a catalyst for future collaborations.

Participants gathered from the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and the United States for the workshop.

ASTM members David Hattis and Julia Schimmelpenningh joined ASTM staff, Teresa Cendrowska, director, external affairs, and Jessica Hychalk, manager, global cooperation. Hattis, a member of ASTM Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings, presented information on standards for construction materials and methods of construction. Schimmelpenningh, who is a member of Committee F12 on Security Systems and Equipment, spoke about safety considerations and blast resistance.

The objectives for the workshop were:

• To provide a forum for the discussion of the development of standards and codes, conformity assessment and regulation in the United States and the Middle East.
• To address the role and authority of relevant agencies and organizations with an emphasis on safety.
• To identify current and future technical areas in which the United States and the Middle East could cooperate, and where appropriate, identify possible venues to facilitate such cooperation.
• To establish peer-to-peer contacts and programs, where appropriate.
• To further extend knowledge of available resources.
• To discuss the role of standards, codes and best practices that take into account fire protection, physical vulnerability and mitigation, which contribute to enhanced trade of associated goods and services. //

Garment Delegation Visits ASTM from China

A delegation from the Chinese National Garment Association visited ASTM International Headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa., in November 2006. CNGA is based in Beijing, China. According to Leonard Morrissey, staff manager of ASTM Committee D13 on Textiles, discussions included an overview of ASTM and Committee D13, a description of ASTM’s initiatives in China, and a dialog about Subcommittee D13.55 on Body Measurements for Sizing. Morrissey and the delegation also discussed possible avenues for future collaborations between CNGA and Committee D13. Michael Lee (shown here at far right), of CNGA’s Liaison Department, led the delegation during their visit to ASTM International. //

ASTM Chief Representative in China Participates in Web Seminar

Liu Fei, ASTM International’s chief representative in China, participated in a webinar sponsored by the Sports Goods Manufacturing Association in November 2006. The program, SGMA’s Doing Business in China, was open to SGMA members, many of whom are also ASTM members. Liu Fei was invited to participate in the webinar by Mark Granger, an SGMA member and a member of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. In his presentation, Liu Fei detailed ASTM’s long-term experiences in China and how ASTM International standards are used and complied there. He also briefed the SGMA audience on China’s standardization system and complications of governmental and non-governmental involvement, and he touched on Chinese standardization for sporting goods. //

Mrs. Sena Choi of the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Economy, Mr. Huunwoo Joe of the Korean Standards Association and Mr. Gagweon Jeung of the FITI Textile Testing and Research Institute (center left to right) visited James Thomas, ASTM president, and Kitty Kono, vice president of global cooperation, in late November 2006. The purpose of their visit was to discuss ways for greater Korean technical expert participation in ASTM technical committees. The national standards body of Korea (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards) signed an MOU with ASTM International in May 2006.

A delegation of standards executives from several provinces of the People's Republic of China met at ASTM International Headquarters on Nov. 8, 2006. The China Association for Standardization facilitated the meeting, during which Drew Azzara, vice president, corporate development, and Pat Picariello, director, developmental operations, presented an overview of ASTM and the United States standards system.

ASTM Provides Standards to Ministry of Environment in Iraq

With the aid of David Karmol, standards advisor in Iraq for the United States Department of Commerce, ASTM International recently donated nine volumes of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards to the government of Iraq’s Ministry of Environment. Soil, rock, air, water and the environment are the subjects of standards collected in the volumes. The donation was a follow-up to the Standards in Trade workshop on standards and codes for the Iraqi construction sector held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in July 2006. Twenty participants from Iraq attended the workshop, at which information was exchanged on the development and implementation of construction codes and standards in Iraq. //

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