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ASTM Homeland Security Applications Committee Seeks Stakeholders to Develop Hospital Preparedness Standard

Subcommittee E54.02 on Emergency Preparedness, Training, and Procedures, part of ASTM Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications, has formed a task group on Hospital Preparedness.

This task group is seeking to determine the “minimum levels” of preparedness activities to be undertaken by hospitals and healthcare organizations to address hazards associated with weapons of mass destruction, hazardous material, biological and radiological contamination, and other needs, including personal protective equipment, training, contingency plans, and community drills.

While vast amounts of funding are available to assist hospitals in this area, and numerous guidance and policy documents exit to support hospital preparedness, an industry-driven definition for a minimal level of preparedness is presently lacking.

The task group consists of representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, health resources and services administration, the U.S. Public Health Service, and various state and local hospital preparedness coordinators.

Committee E54 meets January 12-14 in Tampa, Fla. For membership or meeting details, to join the task group, or to gain further technical information, contact Pat Picariello, director, developmental operations, ASTM International (610/832-9720). //

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