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Behind the Resume

Each January, SN is pleased to provide an introduction to ASTM International’s new chairman of the board of directors. This year’s chairman, Arthur D. Schwope, is highly qualified to lead the Society’s board, not only by his business acumen, gleaned from years as an executive at Arthur D. Little’s Technology and Innovation business (now TIAX, LLC), but by his 26 years of experience in ASTM technical committee leadership.

In 1977, as a young scientist at ADL, Schwope joined ASTM Committee F23 on Protective Clothing. His education in the fine art of building consensus began shortly thereafter as he took on various leadership positions, from task group and subcommittee chair, to main committee recording secretary, to committee chair. Schwope has led both F23’s symposia subcommittee and its Technical Advisory Group to ISO’s protective clothing committee. While maintaining his active participation in committee work, he has served on ASTM’s board since 1999, two of those years as vice chairman.

Now, you can find these details, and more, about Schwope’s career in the interview with him in this issue, so why do I repeat them here? I highlight them because I am always struck by how much of a professional’s life goes into each of the achievements that are tossed off so briefly in resumés. Every leadership position a member accepts on an ASTM technical committee represents hours of commitment to his industry sector as well as to standards development. Every meeting successfully conducted and every standard developed, while they may go unrecorded on most curricula vitae, are made possible by, and in turn enhance, a technical committee member’s expertise.

And so it is from this background in consensus standards development that Schwope brings some of his greatest assets to his position as ASTM chairman. As I learned from roaming the halls around his office at TIAX, which are dotted with labs where scientists test and develop products from shaving creams to cereals to kitchen appliances, our 2004 chairman operates as easily in the technical realm as he does in the executive realm of business development. Please join me in welcoming one of your peers as he commences his year as chairman of the board.

Maryann Gorman
Editor in Chief

Copyright 2004, ASTM International