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Extensive Revision to Guide for Coil Coatings Testing Has Future Focus

ASTM D 3794, Standard Guide for Testing Coil Coatings, is being revised to update past test methods and cover advanced properties projected to be commonplace in five years, according to David Cocuzzi, manager of Coil Coatings Technology, Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc., Columbus, Ohio.

As chair of Subcommittee D01.53 on Coil Coated Metals within Committee D-1 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications, Cocuzzi said an added set of ASTM methods measures total solar reflectance: “It’s a series of measurements that is not done right now by most of us in the industry, but will become important as we formulate coatings that reflect as much heat as possible.”

The revised guide will benefit coatings manufacturers, paint makers, coil coaters, buyers of painted metal coils, steel companies, and laboratory professionals. It describes:

  • Tests for liquid paint;
  • Tests for physical properties of hardness and flexibility after paint is applied and baked to metal;
  • Tests of the aesthetic properties of color and specular reflectance of coatings;
  • Tests for total solar reflectance;
  • General color measurement requirements and sampling;
  • Metal pre-treatment, panel preparation; and
  • Exterior durability and accelerated testing.

“The document has been revised in its entirety because it is a compilation of all ASTM test methods used for testing coil coating,” Cocuzzi added. “It’s an exhaustive listing, so in a sense, if there is one document that everyone should have regarding coil coatings, it’s D 3794. It will point them to all the hundred-plus ASTM methods that are listed.”

While methods developed by the National Coil Coaters Association are also referenced, the NCCA has decided to utilize ASTM as their standards-writing body, and will no longer produce or maintain their own methods, Cocuzzi said.

The proposed revisions are being balloted within ASTM. They were written by members of Subcommittee D01.53 on Coil Coated Metals who represent steel companies, pre-treatment suppliers, coatings suppliers, coil coaters, and metal building manufacturers.

For further technical information, contact David Cocuzzi, Akzo Coatings, Inc., P.O. Box 489, Columbus, OH 43216-0489 (614/298-1832; fax: 614/421-4360). Committee D-1 meets June 11-14 in Reno, Nev. For meeting or membership information, contact D-1 Staff Manager Tim Brooke, ASTM (610/832-9729). //