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Selected ASTM Standards for Fence Materials and Products, 9th Edition

Monograph 4:
Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles

Selected ASTM Standards on Packaging, 6th Edition

ASTM Standards and Other Documents Related to Performance Testing of Shipping Containers, 4th Edition

ASTM Standards Related to Security

ASTM and SAE-AMS Standards and Specifications for Stainless Steel

Standardization News Search
From the Editor's Desk: Toward Confidence in an Uncertain World
by Maryann Gorman

Feature: ASTM Committee E54 on Homeland Security
by Kathleen M. Higgins

Feature: A Stricter Standard for Crash Barriers
by Dean Alberson

Feature: Developing ASTM Standards for Building and Infrastructure Protection
by James A. Stapleton, Jr.

Feature: Public Health and Homeland Security
by Joseph M. DiMino, D.O.

Feature: ASTM Subcommittee D10.31 and Poison Prevention
by Lori Mitchell Dixon, Ph.D.

Inside ASTM: Focus on Intellectual Property
by John Pace and Tom O'Brien

Plain Talk for a New Generation
Perspectives from ASTM President Jim Thomas

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Tech News
Metal Casting Operation Safety
Hang Gliding Tandem Harnesses
Annual Business Meeting
Zinc Ingot Color Coding
Automated Ball Indentation Testing
Indoor Emission Testing Conference
Sensory Evaluation of Drinking Water

Global Notebook
News on Standardization Around the U.S. and the World

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Kent von Maubeuge

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Cover Story

ASTM has formed a new technical committee: E54 on Homeland Security.

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