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KSA President Young-Sang Yoo and ASTM International President Jim Thomas sign the memorandum of understanding.

Korean Standards Association and ASTM International Sign MOU

In December 2002, Young-Sang Yoo, president and CEO of the Korean Standards Association, and Jim Thomas, president of ASTM International, signed a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations in Seoul, South Korea. The memorandum’s intent is to facilitate communication between KSA and ASTM and cooperation in standards development and education.

In addition to the official signing ceremony, KSA hosted the First Networking Conference on Industrial Standards Promotion Activities in Korea. Speakers were invited from Bombardier Transportation of Germany, the British Standards Institute, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the International Center for Standards Research. Over 120 representatives of the Korean standardization, academia, research, military, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and telecommunications sectors attended.

Yoo and Thomas presented the conference’s opening remarks and keynote presentation, respectively. Representing the U.S. Department of Defense, Gregory Saunders, an ASTM board member and director of the Defense Standardization Program Office, spoke about MilSpec Reform, the massive U.S. effort to simplify its standardization development by utilizing private-sector, voluntary consensus standards. Frank-Peter Doerksen, of Bombardier Transportation, Germany, discussed the private business approach to standardization. Speaking from the perspective of academia, Timothy Schoechle, of the University of Colorado’s International Center for Standards Research, discussed the theoretical approach to standards and research activities. Finally, Keith Moyes, the international commercial manager of BSI, spoke from the perspective of a national standards body regarding business strategies for standards development in the changing global market and standards environment. //

Participants in the First Networking Conference on Industrial Standards Promotion Activities in Korea pose for a formal portrait after a dinner held in Seoul, Korea. The conference speakers present were (starting second from left, seated): Frank-Peter Doerksen, of Bombardier Transportation, Germany; Timothy Schoechle, of the International Center for Standards Research; Jim Thomas, ASTM president; Young-Sang Yoo, president and CEO of KSA; Keith Moyes, of BSI; and Gregory Saunders, of the U.S. Department of Defense.

NIST Standards in Trade Workshop Held for International Cement and Concrete Professionals at ASTM Committee Meeting

ASTM International and other stakeholders in the cement and concrete sector joined together with the National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide a week-long Standards in Trade workshop focused on the codes and standards related to cement and concrete. The workshop was held in December in Miami Beach, Fla., in conjunction with the meetings of ASTM Committees C01 on Cement and C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates. The other sponsoring organizations were the American Concrete Institute, the Portland Cement Association, the International Code Council, and the National Fire Protection Association.

Twenty-two participants from six countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico) participated in the workshop. The goal of the program was to provide opportunities to learn about codes and standards in the Americas, observe ASTM technical committee and subcommittee meetings, visit a plant site, and learn about concrete codes for housing. Perhaps most important was the initiation of discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of a set of unified building codes and standards for the Americas.

Teresa Cendrowska, director of external relations at ASTM, commented that, from ASTM’s perspective, the interactions at the workshop were very beneficial. “The workshop facilitated the introduction of key experts within the six countries,” she said. “It provided insight on how ASTM is viewed in each of those countries, and identified steps that could be taken to facilitate participation in ASTM and expand understanding and use of ASTM standards in Latin America.” //

ASTM Nominating Committee Seeking Board Candidates

The ASTM Nominating Committee, appointed annually by the ASTM board of directors, welcomes suggestions from the ASTM membership for candidates for the following positions on the 2004 board of directors: chairman (one year term), vice chairman (two year term), and six directors (three year terms).

Complete biographical information including candidate’s name, title, business address, education, as well as candidate’s professional experience, affiliations, and honors and awards should be sent to: ASTM Nominating Committee, Attn: Maureen Houck, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, PO Box C700, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2950.

Nominations must be received by April 1. Contact Maureen Houck if you need further information (phone: 610/832-9594). //

Members of the Chinese steel industry, including representatives of the China Metallurgical Information and Standardization Research Institute (CMIS), China’s steel trade association, visited ASTM Nov. 25, 2002. The delegation included Li Fengyun (seated, second from left), CMIS director of foreign affairs and vice general director of the China Metallurgical Standardization Institute; and Yang Deze, CMIS president (seated, second from right). ASTM staff present were (back, center, toward right) Drew Azzara, assistant vice president of Corporate Marketing and Development, Pat Picariello, director of Corporate Development, and Qiu Ping Gong, editor. The purpose of the meeting was to continue the cooperation between CMIS and ASTM International for the benefit of the global steel market and the use of ASTM standards both in the People’s Republic of China and around the world. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of steel. The meeting participants agreed to plan technical and professional training for Chinese technical personnel on the use of ASTM standards and information exchange seminars. //

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