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ASTM Seeks Laboratories to Measure Rolling Friction

The Friction Subcommittee of ASTM Committee G02 on Wear and Erosion invites participation in an interlaboratory study to obtain data for a modification of ASTM G 164, Standard Test Method for Determination of Surface Lubrication on Flexible Webs (1999), which addresses sliding friction. Individuals should contact subcommittee chairman Kenneth Budinski.

In addition to Standard G 164, the subcommittee has developed standard measures of sliding friction in:

G 115, Standard Guide for Measuring and Reporting Friction Coefficients (1998); and
G 143, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Web/Roller Friction Characteristics (1996).

“The subcommittee recently turned its attention to rolling friction,” says Budinski, technical director, Bud Labs, Rochester, N.Y. “Conveyor rollers driven by product contact often need low-friction rolling element bearings to work.” Similarly, he adds, many instruments use low-friction rolling element bearings for pivots, as rolling friction is an important energy-conservation issue in any vehicle.

“The Friction Subcommittee has developed a modification to its G 164 inclined plane test that can be used to measure breakaway rolling friction in small rolling element bearings,” he continues. “A balanced rider is fixed to the inner race of a rolling element bearing and the bearing and rider are placed on a plane, which is then raised until the outer race of the bearing starts to roll. The inner race remains stationary since it is fixed to the balancing arm. The tangent of the angle at breakaway is the breakaway coefficient of rolling friction.”

The subcommittee intends to add this test as a second procedure in Standard G 164. To participate in the study or offer feedback, contact Kenneth Budinski, Bud Labs, Rochester, N.Y. (phone: 585/225-6529).

ASTM Committee G02 will meet during the week of March 31-April 3 in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the Wear of Materials Conference. For the date, time, and location, contact Diane Rehiel, manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9717). //

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