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Ready-Mixed Concrete: ASTM Standards and Related Information, 2nd Edition

STP 1406, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

DS51D, ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation— CHETAH® Version 7.3

Manual 7A Manual on Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis: Seventh Edition

STP 1412, Aggregate Contribution to Hot Mix Asphalt Performance

STP 1402, Materials Characterization by Dynamic and Modulated Thermal Analytical Techniques
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Feature Section Introduction | New ASTM Main Committee F35 on Compatability of Machine Tool Components with Industrial Lubricants

Feature: Standards for Machine Tools
by Yusuf Venjara

Feature: Machine Tool Safety Glass
by Ray LeFavor

Feature Section Introduction | New ASTM Main Committee F10 on Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Systems

Feature: Needed Standards for a Changing Industry
by Ray Bjornson

Feature: Pork Carcass Standards
by David Meisinger

Feature: USDA GIPSA Supports Standards
by John D. Edmond, Jr.

Plain Talk for a New Generation
Comments from ASTM President Jim Thomas

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Building Inspection
Heat Transfer Fluids
Mortars and Plasters
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Transportation Gaskets
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The formation of two new technical committees within ASTM International will prove very helpful to the stakeholders in each of these areas. New Committee F10 will standardize livestock, meat, and poultry evaluation systems, making it easier for everyone from producer to consumer to be sure that the facts and figures that accompany meat and poultry products are accurate. The members of new Committee F35 will work to ensure that there is better compatibility between the components of machine tools—from vision panels to electric wiring—and the lubricants used in them. //

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