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Data on Stainless Steel Corrosion Sought

A standardized immersion test that ranks the susceptibility of stainless steel to stress-corrosion cracking in caustic environments has been proposed within ASTM Corrosion of Metals Committee G01.

To gain information prior to its development, a G01 task group is collecting data on the laboratory testing of stainless steel stress-corrosion cracking in caustic environments relevant to:

- Specific environmental conditions encountered in industry, and how those conditions affect the materials selection and performance of stainless and nickel-base alloys; and
- Existing laboratory test techniques, and how the resulting data correspond to industrial experience.

For further technical information, contact the task group chairman, James W. Martin, Carpenter Specialty Alloys, Reading, Pa. (phone 610/208-2479; fax: 610/208-3256). Committee G01 meets May 9-11 in Phoenix, Ariz. For meeting or membership information, contact Staff Manager Bruce Noe, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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