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Light Microscopy Subcommittee Forms

The light microscope is a staple in the laboratory from the simple high school model to the complex inverted metallograph.

Digital and video-microscopy are specialized areas of light microscopy employed in metallography, the science of microstructural characterization of materials. In their mission to develop standards for a plethora of metals-testing techniques, ASTM Committee E04 on Metallography approved new Subcommittee E04.03 on Light Microscopy at their November 2000 meeting in Orlando, Fla., to develop standards for digital and video microscopy.

The formation of the subcommittee was initially discussed at the Open Discussion session of E04’s May 2000 meeting. The committee secretary, Matthias Hoffmann, Archive 4 Images, Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., proposed that a new subcommittee address digital and video microscopy beyond the parameters of Subcommittee E04.01 Sampling Specimen Preparation and Photography. After a brief discussion, the proposal for the new subcommittee received unanimous approval and Hoffmann was elected chair.

Existing ASTM standards transferred to E04.03 last month:

E 1951, Standard Guide for Calibrating Reticles and Light Microscope Magnifications;
• Standard Guide for Digital and Video Microscopy (in progress).

Potential new areas of standards development by Subcommittee E04.03:

• Terminology Relating to Video/ Digital Microscopy, Image Analysis and Image Processing;
• Practice for Preparing and Documenting Micrographs for Reports and Presentations;
• Guide for Ensuring the Security of Digital Images;
• Practice for Determining the Resolution of a Light Microscope.

To participate in the development of standards for digital and video microscopy, or be included on the subcommittee roster to receive news, contact Staff Manager Diane Rehiel, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9717). Subcommittee E04.03 will convene during the May 7-10 meetings of Committee E04 in Phoenix, Ariz. //

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