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Coil Coatings Conversion

NCCA Converts to Use of ASTM Standards; Issues Compilation

by David A. Cocuzzi

The National Coil Coating Association has decided to convert from their own test methods, developed over the past 30 years, to ASTM standards. Additionally, a special compilation of these standards has been organized and published as a joint effort between ASTM Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications; Subcommittee D01.53 on Coil Coated Metals; and the NCCA Technology Committee. This book is a collection of 100 ASTM test methods relevant to the coil coating industry. Its publication also represents a significant departure for the NCCA from its historic practice of authoring and publishing its own test methods.

By cooperating with ASTM to create new—and update existing—methods, NCCA has been able to take advantage of the work done by the 32,000 members of ASTM. NCCA recognizes the international standing that ASTM enjoys in the area of standards writing, as well as the widespread acceptance and use of these standards in specifications worldwide. ASTM, in turn, understands the need for major industries to be represented in the form of subcommittees, such as D01.53.

Every effort has been made to make this an exhaustive guide to the standards, test methods, and common practices employed by the North American coil coatings industry. Within this book can be found test methods involving the measurement of liquid coating parameters (e.g., weight per gallon, viscosity, and rheology), cured-film parameters (coating flexibility, hardness, etc.), appearance measurements (color, gloss, metamerism, etc.), corrosion and durability properties, as well as a number of methods associated with the measurement of solar reflectance. Standard D 3794, Guide for Testing Coil Coatings, even indicates, at a glance, all of the ASTM test methods that are relevant to the coil coating industry, accompanied by a descriptive narrative, indicating the need for—and value of—each test method.

The NCCA will be the sole distributor of this compilation. The NCCA Technology Committee intends to monitor the trends in the industry and update this book at least every five years. Standards that become unnecessary with time will be removed; more importantly, as new, pertinent standards are published, these will be included in each update. Managing standards activity, which is of critical importance at every step of the coil industry supply chain, is the greatest strength of this NCCA-ASTM partnership.

Given the broad range of coatings-related methods covered, the special compilation will be of interest to anyone in the field of decorative and protective coatings, not just specialists in coil coatings. //

Copyright 2001, ASTM

David A. Cocuzzi, manager of Coil Coatings Technol-ogy at Akzo Nobel, Columbus, Ohio, is the past chair of the Polymeric Mat-erials: Science and Engineering Division of the American Chem-ical Society, chair of the National Coil Coaters Association Technology Com-mittee, and chair of ASTM Committee D01.53 on Coil Coated Metals.

To order, contact NCCA (phone: 312/321-6894). Comments or questions of a technical nature may be directed to David A. Cocuzzi, chair of both ASTM D01.53 Coil Coated Metals and the NCCA Technology Committee (phone: 614/298-1832).