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Shop Talk: The 2000 Officers’ Conference

Feature: Wrapping it Up
by Ronald J. Watson

Feature: Are Your Roads Safe at Night?
by Justin J. Rennilson

Feature: In the Hot-Mix
by Sam R. Johnson, Thomas A. White, John J. Yzenas, Jr.

Feature: A Professional Society for Pavement Coatings
by Girish C. Dubey

People: Profiles of ASTM Members
Frank Heger

Nominations Sought: Voss Award

Nominations Sought: 2001 ASTM Board of Directors

Newly Approved ASTM Standards Actions

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Dark of night, potholes, sleet and ice, and even earthquakes would be far more dangerous to motorists than they are today without research and standardization for reflective materials, highway surfaces, and bridge and overpass infrastructure. This issue explores just a few of the many standards development activities within ASTM that help improve your safety on the roadways. //



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