February 2000

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Site Visits Part of Fourth International Dosimetry for Radiation Processing Workshop

THE FOURTH International Workshop on Dosimetry for Radiation Processing will be held Oct. 22-27 at the Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, Calif. Presented by ASTM Subcommittee E10.01, Dosimetry for Radiation Processing with the co-operation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the workshop is a true “hands-on” five day course on the measurement of dose for radiation processing of food, health care, and numerous other products in small informal “round table” sessions. Included will be presentations by industry experts, lab exercises, irradiator site visits, and product demonstrations.

Dosimetry for gamma radiation, electron beam, and X-ray processing will be covered through actual hands-on measurements using a variety of dosimetry systems and equipment. This includes comprehensive data treatment by each participant, and equipment calibration exercises. Activities will conclude with a late afternoon bused visit to a choice of one of four operating commercial irradiation facilities:

• Gamma - SteriGenics’ food irradiation facility in Tustin
• Gamma - SteriGenics’ large three-cell irradiation facility in Corona
• E-beam - Titan Scan's electron beam facility in San Diego
• E-beam - SteriGenics' electron beam facility in San Diego.

The workshop objective is to improve the quality of dosimetry through better understanding of dosimetry principles, calibration techniques, dosimetry applications (e.g., dose mapping and routine monitoring), and determination and understanding of dosimetry uncertainties, based on standards published by ASTM Subcommittee E10.01. All aspects of dosimetry for radiation processing will be covered, including processing of medical products, pharmaceuticals, food, ink, packaging, and polymers. Internationally recognized experts with extensive dosimetry experience will exchange their latest information and experiences. Additional standards will be discussed on process control and quality systems that may have an impact on dosimetry practices.

As part of the program, a banquet will be held on a Victorian-style Mississippi sternwheeler paddleboat that will sail to Mission Bay, Calif. Attendees’ companions are welcomed to social functions, and visits to local attractions and shopping are being planned. The site of the event, the Bahia Resort Hotel by the sea, is close to Sea World, “Old Town,” and the San Diego Zoo.

The workshop will interest the radiation processing dosimetry community, such as researchers, irradiator operators and quality assurance personnel, dosimeter suppliers, medical products manufacturers, food processors, regulatory personnel, etc. With a format designed to provide maximum interaction, participants are encouraged to bring specific problems or questions with the expectation that they will be adequately discussed and resolved prior to the workshop's end.

Attendance will be limited to 160 technical participants (not including spouses and other family members) based on earliest date of registration. For further details, contact Gary Pageau (303/770-7643); or Dr. Harry Farrar IV, chairman, ASTM Committee E10, 18 Flintlock Lane, Bell Canyon, CA 91307-1127 (818/340-1227; fax: 818/340-2132). Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications meets June 4-8 in Williamsburg, Va. For meeting or membership information, contact E10 Staff Manager Felicia Quinzi, ASTM (610/832-9738).