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Eye Safety Subcommittee Sets Its Sights on Protecting Field Hockey Players
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 December 2007
Tech News

Field HockeyEye Safety Subcommittee Sets Its Sights on Protecting Field Hockey Players

Protecting the eyes of athletes is the central purpose of ASTM International standard F 803, Specification for Eye Protectors for Selected Sports. However, with an increasing number of sports requiring eye protection, Subcommittee F08.57 on Eye Safety for Sports has been developing individual standards covering eye protection for specific sports. The subcommittee, which is part of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities, is currently working on a proposed new standard, WK15675, Specification for Eye Protectors for Field Hockey.

“This standard will guide eyewear manufacturers in thedevelopment of new eyewear for field hockey players and give consumers and national sports organizations the ability to use ASTM guideline-tested eye protection in the field and in the rule books,” says Elizabeth Ryan, an optometrist and the WK15675 task group leader. Ryan says that several severe injuries at the college field hockey level, including fractures of orbital bones and blunt trauma to the eye, are further driving the development of WK15675.

Eyewear manufacturers, testing laboratories, field hockey rules committees and governing bodies will be the primary users of the proposed standard, according to Ryan.

Participation in the development of the new standard has been promising. “We had an excellent turnout at the last meeting,” says Ryan. “We had representation from the National Federation of High School Sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, U.S. Field Hockey, eyewear manufacturers, a Division 1 college field hockey coach and the American Optometric Association.” Interested parties are invited to participate in the further development of the proposed standard. //


Technical Information: Elizabeth Ryan, Florence, Mass.
Phone: 413/584-4573

ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk
Phone: 610/832-9728

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May 6-8, 2008
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