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 December 2005 Inside ASTM
Barbara Schindler is ASTM International’s director of Corporate Communications and former editor in chief of SN.

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ASTM International/CSA Memorandum of Understanding

Part of the day’s events included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between ASTM International and the Canadian Standards Association, supporting and fostering collaborative efforts between the two organizations. CSA’s Pat Keindel described the signing as a historic event for CSA and she referred to both organizations’ common areas of interest and competencies.

The objectives of the MOU deal with promoting awareness, education and training, conference cosponsorship, and standardization initiatives. “This MOU demonstrates our commitment,” said ASTM President James Thomas. “It establishes a strategic alliance, leverages the expertise of both organizations, creates value for the public and stakeholders, and builds a model of regional cooperation.”

Chinese Delegation Participates in Toronto Events

At the invitation of ASTM International, a delegation of standards executives from China participated in the Toronto events. Madame Zhang Yanhua, vice administrator for the Standardization Administration of China led a delegation of senior standards officials from China who gave presentations at the ASTM board meetings (see News of the Board), presented at the workshop, and visited CSA headquarters offices.

In addition to the SAC executives, standards officials from the China National Institute of Standardization and the Shanghai Institute of Standardization were also in Toronto for the ASTM meetings and discussions with CSA, which facilitated meetings between the Chinese visitors with Canadian ministries.

Two employees of SAC and CNIS, who are visiting ASTM Headquarters for a five-week in-depth internship, were also in Toronto for the CSA/ASTM events, as well as Chris Lanzit, the executive director of the Consortium for Standards and Conformity Assessment in Beijing, of which ASTM International and CSA America are two sponsors.