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ASTM Committee on Concrete Approves New Standards on Water

ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates has recently approved two new standards, C 1602, Specification for Mixing Water Used in the Production of Hydraulic Cement Concrete and C 1603, Test Method for Measurement of Solids in Water.

Work on C 1602 initially began as a series of revisions to C 94, Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete, according to Steve Parker, vice president, aggregate development, RMC Mid-Atlantic, LLC. While C 94 addressed the use of recycled water from concrete washout operations, the technology for managing and using recycled water eventually outpaced the provisions in the standard.

In addition to technological issues, municipalities and states had begun to mandate zero discharge tolerance policies for plant runoff. In some cases, these governments went beyond zero tolerance to threats of criminal prosecution for runoff violators. “All of a sudden, there came this clarion call to step up to the plate and make some improvements to C 94,” says Parker.

It soon became apparent to the committee that the scope of the technological and environmental issues had become so complex that the improvements that were needed were not going to fit within the context of C 94. Once it was decided to create a whole new standard, Parker says the process of developing C 1602 was relatively smooth.

The development of Specification C 1602 led naturally to work on Test Method C 1603. “Once C 1602 was developed, it necessitated a test method that producers could use to satisfy the requirements of the specification,” says Parker. Parker feels that, with the new standards, “producers now have an effective means to manage and use recycled water from concrete washout operations.”

“It took many years to get this through, but we now have two consensus documents that will be of huge value to the industry,” says Parker. “Included in these documents are steps that provide for the protection of the purchaser, as well as for the durability of the concrete.” Parker also notes that all interested parties are invited to participate in future revisions of both C 1602 and C 1603.

For further technical information, contact Steve Parker, RMC Mid-Atlantic LLC, Greenville, S.C. (phone: 404/275-0776). Committee C09 meets Dec. 6-8 during the December Committee Week in Washington, D.C. For membership or meeting details, contact Jim Olshefsky, ASTM International (phone: 610/ 832-9714). //

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