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Gasket and Coupling Stakeholders Invited to January Meetings

ASTM International Subcommittee C24.75 on Gaskets and Couplings for Plumbing and Sewer Piping welcomes stakeholders to discuss the following proposed revisions to standards when Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants meets Jan. 18-21, 2004, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

C 564, Standard Specification for Rubber Gaskets for Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings—Eliminate the date-of-manufacture marking requirement for coupling sealing sleeves, because the date of manufacture is required on the coupling shield. Develop an elastomer standard providing alternatives to the gasket material described in C 564. C 564 is a DoD-adopted specification covering preformed rubber gaskets used to seal joints in cast iron soil pipe and fittings.
C 1540, Standard Specification for Heavy Duty Shielded Couplings Joining Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings—Insert a new non-mandatory appendix with suggested installation instructions for heavy duty couplings. C 1540 evaluates the performance of heavy duty shielded couplings to join hubless cast iron soil pipe and fittings.
C 1277, Standard Specification for Shielded Couplings Joining Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings—Add metric values to tables in C 1277, which covers the materials and testing of shielded hubless couplings to join hubless cast iron soil pipe and fittings. Add text identifying grades of stainless and clarifying use of 304 AISI stainless steel for the shield material. Add clarification that markings are not allowable on the corrugated portion of coupling shields, and a new non-mandatory appendix with installation instructions.

Direct comments to subcommittee chairman Edward Loftus, Jr. (phone: 909/277-4600 ext. 19).

Since 1959, C24 has created standards for general, chemical, structural, emulsion, oil-glazed, hot-applied and tape sealants, compression seal and lock-strip gaskets, gaskets and couplings for plumbing and sewer piping, and building deck and waterproofing systems.

Approximately 213 members of Committee C24 maintain more than 105 standards, available separately or in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 04.07. The committee plays a preeminent role in the ISO process by coordinating the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/Technical Committee 59 Building Construction /Subcommittee 8 on Jointing Products.

For committee meeting or membership details, contact Scott Orthey, manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9730). //

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