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New Standard for Tire-Derived Fuel

Scrap tires comprise nearly one percent of solid municipal waste in the United States. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., approximately 125 million tires are used annually for tire-derived fuel.

ASTM Committee D34 on Waste Management recently issued a new standard for the material recovery of scrap tires for fuel: D 6700, Standard Practice for Use of Scrap Tire-Derived Fuel.

The release of ASTM D 6700 in October provides “definitive standards for size, distribution, sampling, and testing” of tire-derived fuel, said Michael Blumenthal, vice president of the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Sampling and testing protocols in the standard describe a fuel with a volatile content of nearly 66 percent, indicating rapid heat release. “A considerable amount of information, experience and data on tire-derived fuel has long demonstrated its effectiveness and safety as a fuel choice for certain industrial applications,” said Blumenthal.

Typically, tire-derived fuel is mixed with other energy sources to fire industrial power boilers, electrical utility generating boilers, cement kilns, and other combustion units. Testing by the U.S. EPA, state, and individual sources present tire-derived fuel as an acceptable supplement when blended with conventional fuel in existing combustion units, requiring little or no modification.

D 6700 was approved August 10 by ASTM Committee D34 on Waste Management and is the direct responsibility of Subcommittee D34.03 on Treatment. The committee develops standards relating to the management of wastes. Standards cover generation, storage, transportation, treatment, recovery, and disposal, and other issues of waste management. The waste addressed is generated by industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional sources.

Direct technical questions to Michael H. Blumenthal, Rubber Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C. (phone: 202/682-4882). Committee D34 meets April 15-17 in Pittsburgh, Pa. For details, contact Dan Schultz, manager, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/ 832-9716). //

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