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Interlab Study Volunteers and Feedback Sought for Rubber-Degradation Testing

A task group of ASTM Committee D11 on Rubber tests requests user feedback on the following standards:

• ASTM D 925, Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Staining of Surfaces (Contact, Migration, and Diffusion);
• ASTM D 1148, Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration—Heat and Ultraviolet Light Discoloration of Light-Colored Surfaces.

Individuals should contact committee members below. ASTM membership is not required.

The methods specify sunlamps that have not been available since approximately 1993. Initial task-group research indicates substitute lamps used to approximate irradiance levels in the methods produce differing results. The task group may rewrite the standards based on user feedback and results of an interlaboratory study to be conducted on replacement bulbs.

“These two methods are used by rubber and plastic manufacturers worldwide in the course of performing the aforementioned tests,” explained Michael Kent Warner, a Special Projects manager for CCSi, Inc., Akron, Ohio. “Having been left ‘out in the cold,’ most companies have found alternative sources for the lamps. The specifications and test results have not been evaluated or validated and, left to their own devices, many companies have developed ‘non-standardized’ requirements.”

Warner said 115 VAC and 230 VAC lamps are being considered as replacements. Evaluation of the 230 VAC lamp may require modification to instruments using 115 VAC as a power source.

To offer comments or participate in the study, contact Michael Kent Warner, CCSi, Inc., Akron, Ohio or Juan A. Sanders, Uniroyal Chemical, Naugatuck, Conn. (phone: 203/720-6405). Committee D11 meets June 24-27 in Salt Lake City, Utah. For meeting or membership details, contact Tim Brooke, manager, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/832-9729). //

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