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Feature: Making Standards for the Global Marketplace
by Charles M. Ludolph

Feature: The Role of Standards in European Conformity Assessment
by Rene van de Zande

Special HowTo Feature: How To Handle Negative Ballots Efficiently–A Perspective
by James A. Luppens and Ronald W. Stanton

Insight: Opening Doors
by Khaled Awad

In My Opinion: European Conformity Assessment–Experiment or Model?
by James K. Walters

Plain Talk for New Generation
Comments from ASTM President Jim Thomas

Word from the Chairman
Remarks from Harvey P. Hack

Building Performance
Building Committee Reports
Concrete Laboratories
Thermal Spray Coatings
Editorial Workshop
Sun-Protective Clothing
Textile Patterns
Durometer Hardness Tests
Bicycle I.D. System
Bicycle Terminology
Soccer Shin Guards
Thermoplastic Resin Pipe
Graffiti Resistant Coatings
Thermal Analysis
Amusement Rides Meeting

Letters to the Editor
Global Notebook:
News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

People--Member Profile: Dee Perkins

Calendar of ASTM Meetings
Approved ASTM Standards Actions

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STANDARDS ARE the essential building blocks of international trade. This month’s SN explores some of the facts and issues around standards and their place in the global trade puzzle. //