Example 9

Negative not completely addressed.


Ms. Doe voted negative for the following reason:

I have voted NEGATIVE on items 13 and 15 because I believe they are reversed – that is, Item 13, Endurance Limit, should read: "see fatigue limit" and that Item 15, Fatigue Limit, should read: "The maximum stress below which a fly rod can presumably endure an infinite number of stress cycles."

The reason for my negative is that ASTM Committee X99 removed the term "endurance limit" in their "Standard Terminology Relating to Fatigue and Fracture Testing", ASTM Designation X7777-96. Past editions of X7777, or its predecessor document relating to fatigue had words to the effect that the term "endurance limit" was obsolete.

I believe that all ASTM committees should use common, or at least similar, terminology where possible and I believe this is the case where it is possible. Further, I urge the Subcommittee to review the definition in X7777 and then, because fatigue is a statistical process, consider whether or not they wish to introduce the concept of "median stress" at which an infinite life occurs; if "median stress" is adopted here, then consideration must be given to the definition in Item 26.


At the meeting on 04/9/99, X99.99 voted 15-0-0 to rule Ms. Doe’s negative not persuasive for the following reason:

X7777 is not a sufficient rationale for X99 to have its own definition. Furthermore it is the opinion of this subcommittee that the terms "Endurance Limit" and "Fatigue Limit" are still widely used.


At their meeting on 04/10/99 the main committee voted 16-0-0 to uphold the decision of the subcommittee.