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REVISION TO X 1111 Collection of Basket Samples of Pond Scum, Section 4.1

BACKGROUND: One of the most important concepts in obtaining basket samples for characterization of pond scum is trying to collect a sample that is as representative as possible at any given site. In reviewing the Significance and Use Section (Section 4.1) of X 1111, it was felt that the key concept, that this practice obtains a representative sample, was lacking in the current standard. Therefore, the recent changes to the Significance and Use were developed to address this fundamental deficiency. These proposed changes parallel those proposed for the scope of X 1112 (Scoop Sampling of Pond Scum) for consistency because both practices deal with the collection of representative samples of pond scum.

This item was on the last X99 Main ballot and received one negative and one set of comments which were similar in nature to the negative. The negative voter’s concerns and the comments received dealt with the term "representative." The revised Significance and Use being balloted below hopefully better addresses these concerns. It was the decision of those present at the meeting that they wished to retain the term "representative" in the Significance and Use section – but just revise its position in the paragraph. Proposed deletions are indicated as strike throughs and insertions as bold Italics.


4. Significance and Use

4.1 A properly collected basket sample that includes the total pond scum layer provides a representative sample that is a representative cross section of the pond scum layer bed at the point of sampling. Basket samples of pond scum are taken for subsequent testing needed for evaluation of pond scum quality and characterization of pond scum for commercial use, for planning of extraction operations to maintain pond scum quality, for the determination of pond scum grade with Classification X001, and for inventory of pond scum resources.

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