Example 14

Improper Motion and Inadequate documentation of committee actions.


Mr. Doe voted negative for the following reason:

You have not set a requirement in determining the maximum age user on a particular piece of equipment. This leaves it open to the manufacturer to state a low age requirement on equipment that they know will be used by an older age group. Thereby making the equipment unsafe.

Also static loads are only being used. Not taking into account dynamic loads. This must also be taken into account or the equipment will fail.

You are on the right track but need to take this a step further.


At the meeting on 9/23/96, Subcommittee X99.32 voted 13-0-1 to rule Mr. Doe’s negative not persuasive for the following reason:

Mr. Doe’s first concern regarding the manufacturer specifying the age of the intended user in not the issue being balloted*. We did consider dynamic loads and feel that our current loading requirements are severe enough, as there is no manufacturing history or injury data to suggest that home playground equipment is collapsing due to dynamic loads.

* This will be considered as an item of new business.


At their meeting on 04/10/99 the main committee voted 13-0-1 to uphold the decision of the subcommittee.