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December 2000 Approved Standards Actions
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D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications

Volume 06.02, 2001
D6578-00, Practice for Determination of Graffiti Resistance
D 6583-00, Test Method for Porosity of Paint Film

Volume 06.02, 2001
D 6577-00, Guide for Testing Industrial Protective Coatings

Volume 06.01, 2001
D 6133-00 (Includes change to title), Test Method for Acetone,

D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants

Volume 05.04, 2001
D 6549-00, Test Method for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quenchants by Cooling Curve Analysis with Agitation Drayton Unit
D 6553-00, Test Method for Coolant Compatibility of Way Lubricants
D 6557-00, Test Method for Evaluation of Rust Preventive Characteristics of Automotive Engine Oils
D 6584-00, Test Method for Determination of Free and Total Glycerine in B-100 Biodiesel Methyl Esters by Gas Chromatography

Volume 05.01, 2001
D 56-00, Test Method for Flash Point by Tag Closed Tester
D 1655-00a, Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels
D 1655-00, Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels
D 4048-97, Test Method for Detection of Copper Corrosion from Lubricating Grease
Volume 05.02, 2001
D 4377-00, Test Method for Water in Crude Oils by Potentiometric Karl Fischer Titration
Volume 05.03, 2001
D 4928-00, Test Methods for Water in Crude Oils by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
D 5800-00a, Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils by the Noack Method
Volume 05.04, 2001
D 6304-00, Test Method for Determination of Water in Petroleum Products, Lubricating Oils, and Additives by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

Volume 05.01, 2001
D 975-98be1 (Includes change to title), Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils
Volume 05.02, 2001
D 4175-00 (1900)e1 (Includes change to title), Terminology Relating to Petroleum, Petroleum Products, and Lubricants
Volume 05.03, 2001
D 5236-99ae1, Test Method for Distillation of Heavy Hydrocarbon Mixtures Vacuum Potstill Method

D04 on Road and Paving Materials

Volume 04.03, 2001
D 244-00, Test Methods and Practices for Emulsified Asphalts
D 692-00, Specification for Coarse Aggregate for Bituminous Paving Mixtures
D 1139-00, Specification for Aggregate for Single or Multiple Bituminous Surface Treatments
D 2041-00, Test Method for Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density of Bituminous Paving Mixtures
D 2489-00 (Includes change to title), Practice for Estimating Degree of Particle Coating of Bituminous-Aggregate Mixtures
D 2726-00, Test Method for Bulk Specific Gravity and Density of Non-Absorptive Compacted Bituminous Mixtures
D 3666-00, Specification for Minimum Requirements for Agencies Testing and Inspecting Road and Paving Materials

Volume 04.03, 2001
D 3406-95 (2000)
D 3549-93a(2000)
D 3743-84 (2000)

D05 on Coal and Coke

Volume 05.06, 2000
D 5263, Test Method for Determining the Relative Degree of Oxidation in Bituminous Coal by Alkali Extraction

D07 on Wood

Volume 04.10, 2000
D 1990-00 (1900)e1 (Includes change to title), Practice for Establishing Allowable Properties for Visually-Graded Dimension Lumber from In-Grade Tests of Full-Size Specimens
D 2915-98e1 (Includes change to title), Practice for Evaluating Allowable Properties for Grades of Structural Lumber

D08 on Roofing, Waterproofing and Bituminous Materials

Volume 04.04, 2001
D 1079-00a, Terminology Relating to Roofing, Waterproofing, and Bituminous Materials
D 1469-00, Guide for Application of New Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam and Coated Roofing Systems

D10 on Packaging

Volume 15.09, 2001
D 1573-00, Specification for General Purpose Wirebound Shipping Boxes

Volume 15.09, 2001
D 642-00, Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads
D 3070-00, Test Method of Rapid Pressure Determination of Pressurized Products
D 3076-00, Test Methods for Effective Crimping on Outside Crimped Valves of Aerosol Containers
D 3330/D 3330m-00, Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

Volume 15.09, 2001
D 3654/D 3654m-00e1 (Includes change to title), Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

D11 on Rubber

Volume 09.01, 2000
D 624-00, Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers
Volume 09.02, 2000
D 751-00, Test Methods for Coated Fabrics

D18 on Soil and Rock

Volume 04.08, 2001
D 698-00a, Test Methods for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Standard Effort (12,400 ft-lbf/ft3 (600 kN-m/m3))
D 854-00 (Includes change to title), Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Soil Solids by Water Pycnometer
D 1140-00, Test Methods for Amount of Material in Soils Finer than the No. 200 (75-um) Sieve
D 1634-00, Test Method for Compressive Strength of Soil-Cement Using Portions of Beams Broken in Flexure Modified Cube Method
D 1635-00, Test Method for Flexural Strength of Soil-Cement Using Simple Beam with Third-Point Loading
D 4253-00, Test Methods for Maximum Index Density and Unit Weight of Soils Using A Vibratory Table
D 4254-00, Test Methods for Minimum Index Density and Unit Weight of Soils and Calculation of Relative Density
D 4318-00, Test Methods for Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, and Plasticity Index of Soils
D19 on Water
Volume 11.01, 2001
D 6568-00, Guide for Planning, Carrying Out, and Reporting Traceable Chemical Analyses of Water Samples
D 6581-00, Test Method for Bromate, Bromide, Chlorate, and Chlorite in Drinking Water by Chemically Suppressed Ion Chromatography

Volume 11.01, 2001
D 859-00, Test Method for Silica in Water
D 1889-00, Test Method for Turbidity of Water
Volume 11.02, 2001
D 4374-00, Test Methods for Cyanides in Water—Automated Methods for Total Cyanide, Acid Dissociable Cyanide, and Thiocyanate
D 4785-00a, Test Method for Low-Level Iodine-131 in Water
D 5739-00, Practice for Oil Spill Source Identification by Gas Chromatography and Positive Ion Electron Impact Low Resolution Mass Spectrometry
D 5811-00, Test Method for Strontium-90 in Water

D20 on Plastics

Volume 08.03, 2001
D 6576-00, Specification for Flexible Cellular Rubber Chemically Blown
D 6585-00, Specification for Unsintered Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Extruded Film or Tape

Volume 08.01, 2001
D 1894-00, Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting
Volume 08.02, 2001
D 2863-00, Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support Candle-Like Combustion of Plastics Oxygen Index
D 3795-00a, Test Method for Thermal Flow, Cure, and Behavior Properties of Pourable Thermosetting Materials by Torque Rheometer
D4066-00, Classification System for Nylon Injection and Extrusion Materials (PA)
D 4181-00, Classification for Acetal Pom Molding and Extrusion Materials
D 4203-00, Specification for Styrene-Acrylonitrile San Injection and Extrusion Materials
Volume 08.03, 2001
D 4976-00a, Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Molding and Extrusion Materials
D 5033-00 (Includes change to title), Guide for Development of ASTM Standards Relating to Recycling and Use of Recycled Plastics
D 5990-00, Classification System for Polyketone Injection Molding and Extrusion Materials (PK)
D 6272-00, Test Method for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials by Four-Point Bending
Volume 08.04, 2001
C 581-00, Practice for Determining Chemical Resistance of Thermosetting Resins Used in Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Structures Intended for Liquid Service
D 2517-00, Specification for Reinforced Epoxy Resin Gas Pressure Pipe and Fittings
D 4495-00, Test Method for Impact Resistance of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Rigid Profiles by Means of A Falling Weight

D22 on Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheres

Volume 11.03, 2001
D 3609-00, Practice for Calibration Techniques Using Permeation Tubes

Volume 11.03, 2001
D 1357-95 (2000)
D 3249-95 (2000)
D 3824-95 (2000)

Volume 11.03, 2001
D 1607-91 (2000)e1
D 3266-91 (2000)e1
D 3608-95 (2000)e1

D26 Halogenated Organic Solvents and Fire Extinguishing Agents

Volume 15.05, 2000
D 1901-00, Test Method for Relative Evaporation Time of Halogenated
D 2106-00, Test Methods for Determination of Amine Acid Acceptance Alkalinity of Halogenated Organic Solvents
D 4081-00, Specification for Drycleaning-Grade Perchloroethylene

D27 on Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases

Volume 10.03, 2001
D 2864-00a, Terminology Relating to Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases

D31 on Leather

Volume 15.04, 2000
D 1516-00, Test Method for Width of Leather
D 1610-00, Practice for Conditioning Leather and Leather Products for Testing
D 1611-00, Test Method for Corrosion Produced by Leather in Contact with Metal
D 1813-70, Test Method for Measuring Thickness of Leather Test Specimens
D 1815-00, Test Method for Water Absorption Static of Vegetable Tanned Leather
D 1912-00, Test Method for Cold-Crack Resistance of Upholstery Leather
D 1913-00, Test Method for Resistance to Wetting of Garment-Type Leathers
D 2096-00, Test Method for Colorfastness and Transfer of Color in the Washing of Leather
D 2097-00, Test Method for Flex Testing of Finish on Upholstery Leather
D 2098-00, Test Method for Dynamic Water Resistance of Shoe Upper Leather by the Dow Corning Leather Tester
D 2099-00, Test Method for Dynamic Water Resistance of Shoe Upper Leather by the Maeser Water Penetration Tester
D 2207-00, Test Method for Bursting Strength of Leather by the Ball Method
D 2208-00, Test Method for Breaking Strength of Leather by the Grab Method
D 2209-00, Test Method for Tensile Strength of Leather
D 2210-00, Test Method for Grain Crack and Extension of Leather by the Mullen Test
D 2211-94, Test Method for Elongation of Leather
D 2212-94, Test Method for Slit Tear Resistance of Leather
D 2213-00, Test Method for Compressibility of Leather
D 2214-00, Test Method for Estimating the Thermal Conductivity of Leather with the Cenco-Fitch Apparatus
D 2322-00, Test Method for Resistance of Shoe Upper Leather to Artificial Perspiration
D 2346-00, Test Method for Apparent Density of Leather
D 2347-00, Test Method for Measuring Area of Leather Test Specimens
D 2821-00, Test Method for Measuring the Relative Stiffness of Leather by Means of A Torsional Wire Apparatus
D 2875-00, Test Method for Insoluble Ash of Vegetable-Tanned Leather
D 2876-00, Test Method for Water-Soluble Matter of Vegetable-Tanned Leather
D 2941-00, Test Method for Measuring Break Pattern of Leather Break Scale
D 3495-00, Test Method for Hexane Extraction of Leather
D 4704-00, Test Method for Tearing Strength, Tongue Tear of Leather
D 4705-00, Test Method for Stitch Tear Strength of Leather, Double Hole
D 4786-00, Test Method for Stitch Tear Strength, Single Hole
D 4831-00, Test Method for Buckle Tear Strength of Leather
D 4907-00, Test Method for Nitrocellulose in Finish on Leather
D 5053-00, Test Method for Colorfastness of Crocking of Leather
D 5552-00, Test Method for Resistance of Colored Leather to Bleeding
D 6012-00, Test Method for Determination of Resistance of Leather to Bleeding
D 6013-00, Test Method for Determination of Area Stability of Leather to Laundering
D 6014-00, Test Method for Determination of Dynamic Water Absorption of Leather Surfaces
D 6015-00, Test Method for Static Water Absorption of Leather
D 6020-00, Practice for Calculation of Non-Mineral Combined Tanning Agents and Degree of Tannage
D 6075-00, Test Method for Cracking Resistance of Leather
D 6077-00, Test Method for Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Leather
D 6116-00, Test Method for Blocking
D 6182-00, Test Method for Flexibility and Adhesion of Finish on Leather
D 6183-00, Test Method for Tackiness of Finish on Leather

D34 on Waste Management

Volume 11.04, 2000
D 6232-00, Guide for Selection of Sampling Equipment for Waste and Contaminated Media Data Collection Activities

Copyright 2000, ASTM

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