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 August 2007
Tech News

Food Service Equipment Committee Develops Standard for Patio Heaters

The heating performance and energy consumption of commercial radiant patio heaters is the subject of a new ASTM International standard. F 2644, Test Method for Performance of Commercial Patio Heaters, was developed by Subcommittee F26.06 on Productivity and Energy Protocol, which is part of ASTM International Committee F26 on Food Service Equipment.

The new standard was originally developed from 1998 to 2001 as an informal test method by the Food Service Technology Center, according to David Zabrowski, chair of Subcommittee F26.06 and senior engineer, FSTC. The method has been used by manufacturers to examine the merits of different design strategies for patio heaters. After the California Energy Commission referenced the method in its Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations, it was decided that the method should be made available to the industry at large. At the urging of the CEC, the FSTC method was submitted to Committee F26 for approval as an ASTM International standard.

“Manufacturers are the most likely users of the standard as a tool to validate performance claims and compare products,” says Zabrowski, who served as chair of Committee F26 from 2002 to 2005. “End users can use the resulting data from the standard to select patio heaters that meet their needs and to assist with patio heater system design and layout.” Committee F26 welcomes participation from any interested party in the review of application of its standards. “Other standards under our jurisdiction currently undergoing review and revision are standards for commercial dishwashers, fryers and ovens,” notes Zabrowski.


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