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Click here to learn more about the ASTM International MOU Program and other initiatives of the Global Cooperation division. You will find links to the national standards bodies described in this article, information on the World Trade Organization and ASTM International, ASTM’s open house program, how to join the ASTM global community and take advantage of training opportunities, and more.
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Díreccíon General de Normas y Tecnología Industrial

MOU signed June 2003

Panama’s national standards body has utilized 76 ASTM standards from the steel, construction, paint, petroleum, road materials and plastic sectors. The group is accepting technical training from ASTM International on concrete and cement standards. Panama has eight individuals serving as members of ASTM.

Teresa Cendrowska (center), ASTM, meets with staff from DGNTI in Panama (click here to enlarge photo).


Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual

MOU signed June 2003

Peru has adopted, adapted or referenced 400 ASTM standards in nearly as many sectors as ASTM provides standards. Peru has 80 individuals participating as ASTM members and INDECOPI accepted training from ASTM International on its standards development process.

Fernando Arrunátegui Martinez (left), president of the INDECOPI board of directors, and James Thomas, ASTM president, at the signing of the MOU between the two organizations.


Bureau of Product Standards, Department of Trade and Industry

MOU signed September 2003

Since signing its MOU with ASTM at the September 2003 open house for Asia-Pacific standards leaders, BPS has used nearly 400 ASTM International standards from a wide cross-section of industries for which ASTM members write standards. The Philippines has 83 people serving as members in ASTM. BPS will send a standards expert to ASTM headquarters for a one-month internship in October of this year.

Jesus L. Motoomull, bureau director at BPS, comments, “As the national standards body of the Philippines, BPS uses ASTM standards as reference materials. This includes standards on electric wires and cables, cement, steel, glass, ceramics, adhesives, etc. The ASTM standards are mostly used by our local industries, academia and consumers in conducting research and studies. Furthermore, the MOU gives Filipino technical experts the opportunity to participate in the development of ASTM standards by waiving its membership fee, which ensures that the standards meet the needs of the Philippine industry.”

James Thomas, ASTM president, and Jesus Motoomull, bureau director of the Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Bureau of Product Standards, sign the MOU.


Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology

MOU signed April 2007

Russia has 15 participants in ASTM’s standards development process. Following the MOU signing in Moscow, ASTM President James Thomas stated, “With Russia’s aim to join the World Trade Organization in 2008, the MOU is a timely initiative that will foster much greater cooperation between Russia and ASTM International in the development of international standards.”

Grigory I. Elkin, head of the Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology, and James Thomas, president, ASTM International, sign the MOU in Moscow on April 4.


Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board

MOU signed February 2003

Singapore has 43 experts serving on ASTM International technical committees since it signed its MOU over four years ago. SPRING has referenced, adapted or adopted 13 ASTM standards for thermal insulation, paint, roofing, rubber, plastics, temperature measurement, alternative energies, sports equipment, consumer products and amusement rides. SPRING Singapore has participated in training on the ASTM standards development process as well.

Teo Nam Kuan, group director of quality and standards at SPRING Singapore, comments, “The SPRING-ASTM MOU has enabled SPRING to tap ASTM standards and experts in a number of critical standards projects. The benefits of such an MOU have been invaluable to SPRING.”

Teo Nam Kuan, group director of quality and standards at SPRING Singapore, and Kitty Kono, vice president of global cooperation for ASTM, at the MOU signing.

South Africa

South African Bureau of Standards

MOU signed September 2003

On the MOU signed nearly four years ago with ASTM, Martin Kuscus, chief executive officer of the South African Bureau of Standards, comments, “The MOU allows us to adopt ASTM standards as South African national standards. All this time, ASTM has supported us by providing information and services to assist us in adopting the standards as well as providing the resources needed for us to provide an effective standards sales and information service that is inclusive of the ASTM collection. The regular update of the ASTM collection that is dispatched to us on CD-ROM has been an invaluable resource for reference, sale and adoption purposes. South Africa sees the relationship with ASTM as a very positive initiative and we hope that it grows from strength to strength in the future.”

To date, SABS has referenced over 430 ASTM International standards in South African national standards. Fifty-five individuals from South Africa are members of ASTM.

Martin J. Kuscus, chief executive officer of SABS, attended the May 2007 open house for sub-Saharan Africa standards leaders.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Standards Institution

MOU signed May 2003

Fifty-one individuals from Sri Lanka are members of ASTM. The Sri Lanka Standards Institution has utilized 50 ASTM standards in the areas of cement and concrete, petroleum, road and paving materials, roofing, soaps, soil and rock, and electrical insulating liquids and gases.

Anula Tennakoon, assistant director of documentation and information at SLSI, says, “The MOU signed between ASTM and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution has enabled SLSI to obtain the latest ASTM standards, which are often used as reference documents when formulating Sri Lanka standards, and many users of the library are immensely benefited by the availability of the latest collection.”

St. Lucia

Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards

MOU signed May 2002

Since signing its MOU with ASTM International five years ago, SLBS has adapted, adopted or referenced 12 ASTM standards for steel, dimension stone, soaps, biological effects and environmental fate, and amusement rides.

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