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 August 2007  In This Issue

For six years, ASTM International’s global cooperation division has been building global recognition and forging partnerships worldwide.

Columns & Info
From the Editor’s Desk
Global Notebook
ASTM International News
Kitty Kono: Retirement
ASTM International Staff Promotions
Tech News
Vacuum Cleaners
In-Situ Oil Burning
Folding Chairs
Patio Heaters
Composite Materials
Cellular Glass
Security Fasteners
Tub/Shower Enclosures
Cavitation Erosion
Word from the Chairman
ASTM International Advantage Award
Standards in Education: Teaching Standards Development: Inspiring the Next Generation
by Dru Meadows
Global Cooperation: Building Global Recognition and Forging Partnerships Worldwide
by Kitty Kono
Global Cooperation: In Recognition of ASTM International’s MOU Partners
End Note
Spotlight: Building a Better Gypsum Standard

Society Review of Main Committee Ballot Actions

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