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 August 2007
Tech News

Detention/Correctional Facilities Committee Developing Proposed Security Fastener Guide

Security fasteners are a crucial factor in every aspect of a building that is part of a detention/correctional facility. A proposed new ASTM International standard, WK14507, Guide for Selection of Security Fasteners for Detention and Correctional Facilities, will bring consistency to the use of fasteners throughout these buildings. WK14507 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F33.04 on Detention Hardware, part of ASTM International Committee F33 on Detention and Correctional Facilities.

The proposed guide will provide technical information related to understanding the features, types, materials and benefits of various security fasteners as well as guidance in the selection and application of fasteners in detention and correction facilities.

“There has been little real guidance except for a design professional’s advice,” says Gregg Williams, an architect with DMJM Design and an F33 member. “Often there are several different types of security fasteners provided for a particular project. These can require several different sets of maintenance tools and can create confusion and inconsistency for the users.”

The proposed guide will provide guidance for selection of removable and nonremovable fasteners based on:

• Application (what is being secured and what has been shown to work best for various situations);
• Relative security grade (low, medium, maximum);
• Service use (heavy duty, moderate duty, light duty);
• Environmental factors (corrosion, temperature and weathering);
• Head design (shape and removal tool type);
• Base material and finish (strength, durability and corrosion resistance); and
• Other pertinent information.

“As the development of the proposed standard gains momentum, the goal will be to develop a matrix that will allow the quick identification of a recommended fastener which will meet the required design criteria,” says Williams. “While WK14507 is being developed for use in detention and corrections facilities, it may also provide guidance for other commercial security facility needs.”

Committee F33 has been developing standards for the detentions and correction industry since 1989. Williams says that all interested parties are welcome to participate in the committee and in the continuing development of WK14507. Justice facility architects, detention equipment manufacturers, material suppliers/vendors and representatives from the fastener industry have all been involved in the development of WK14507. //


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Phone: 602/337-2700

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