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 August 2007
Tech News

Wear and Erosion Committee Seeks Input on Cavitation Erosion Testing

Subcommittee G02.10 on Erosion by Solids and Liquids, part of ASTM International Committee G02 on Wear and Erosion, is interested in hearing from anyone who uses cavitation erosion testing in their work. The objective of this survey is to help the subcommittee determine the current degree of interest in and importance of cavitation erosion test methods and guide it in future improvements of those methods.

The subcommittee is especially interested in learning the following:

• How widely is ASTM standard G 32, Test Method for Cavitation Erosion Using Vibratory Apparatus, being used for cavitation erosion testing?

• Are other cavitation erosion or liquid impingement erosion test methods being used (for example, G 73, Practice for Liquid Impingement Erosion Testing, or G 134, Test Method for Erosion of Solid Materials by a Cavitating Liquid Jet, or methods not covered by ASTM standards)?

• What are some current concerns about cavitation erosion as a field problem or research topic?

Those interested in responding should contact Frank Heymann, chairman of the survey task group (see contact information below). Respondents will be sent a questionnaire in order to provide further detail to their answers. //


Technical Information: Frank Heymann, Brunswick, Maine
Phone: 207/725-7073

ASTM Staff: Diane Rehiel
Phone: 610/832-9717

Upcoming Meeting:
Nov. 15-16
November Committee Week
Tampa, Fla.