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Sports Equipment Task Group Developing Poured-in-Place Guide

Anyone who has ever spent more than a few minutes with children at a playground knows that, inevitably, kids stumble and fall. This is why the surface area of playgrounds is so important. In order to further ensure the safety of playgrounds, ASTM Subcommittee F08.63 on Playground Surfacing Systems has formed a task group that is working on a draft guide for poured-in-place surfacing systems.

“Many of these surfaces are expensive and are subject to failure when tested in accordance with ASTM F 1292 [Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment],” says Rolf Huber, president of Everplay International, Inc., and member of Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. “The guide we are working on should provide the prospective and existing owner of a poured-in-place surface with the ability to better understand what they are buying, or already have.”

Huber says that the work of the task group was inspired by the need to provide better surfaces that pass existing standards and remain durable. The group began its work by surveying inspectors and owners/operators of poured-in-place systems to determine some of the current problems with such systems. Some of the typical failures noted in this survey included shrinkage of the surface and separation of seams, cracking within the surface, and the surface becoming hard and brittle.

The task group hopes to create a guide that will provide owners/operators of playgrounds with an underlying knowledge of poured-in-place surfaces, as well as the issues to take into consideration before purchasing a system. These issues include injury reduction, performance, budget and aesthetics.

For further technical information, contact Rolf Huber, Everplay International, Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (phone: 416/410-3056). Committee F08 meets Nov. 9-12 during the November Committee Week in Washington, D.C. For membership or meeting details, contact Jim Olshefsky, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9714). //

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