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The ASTM Service Club is made up of all staff working for ASTM for 25 or more years. Pictured are (first row): Kathie Donohue, Maureen Houck, Diane Sciascia, Kitty Kono, Kathy Dernoga; (second row): Corice Leonard, Marianne McKeever, Marge Cassidy, Penny Lutz; (third row): Joan Cornillot, Beverly Benson, Ellen McGlinchey; (fourth row): Eileen Mullen, Dorothy Fitzpatrick, Terry Kaminski, Jesse Brown, Ken Pearson; (fifth row): Kathy Peters, Helen Mahy, Harriet Frieman, Judy Pino, Arthur Schwope (guest, ASTM chairman of the board), Betty Schultz; (last row): Tom Arabia, Rocco Pinto, Roberta Storer.

Joan Cornillot received an award for her 35 years of service to ASTM International.


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