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New Student Membership Attracts Global Interest

This past March, ASTM International opened its doors to future generations with the formation of its new Student Membership category.

In just a few short months, undergraduate and graduate students from all parts of the globe have welcomed the opportunity to become part of the ASTM community. To date, there are 350 new student members in the Society, one-third of whom are in colleges and universities outside the United States.

For these students, and others who will take advantage of student membership in the future, joining ASTM International offers a host of benefits — all free of charge. For students, the few minutes spent completing the free membership application brings a lot of value in return, including: e-mail delivery of ASTM publications Standardization News, Business Link and Access ASTM; free admission to ASTM symposia; reduced fee of $25 for the first year of ASTM membership upon graduation; and, of course, exposure to standards development in action.

Above all, this new ASTM membership provides students the invaluable opportunity to enhance their classroom learning with the experience that comes from a living curriculum. Through their membership in ASTM International, students enhance their knowledge in the subject of standards before they start using them in the workplace. As part of an unparalleled global network of peers, students can also profit from exposure to a worldwide preeminent group of technical experts — the more than 30,000 professionals who make up the ASTM membership community. This knowledge and exposure enhances their skills and can play an invaluable role in jumpstarting their careers in the technical and business worlds.

Dennis Brinkman, Ph.D., a professor of chemistry at Indiana Wesleyan University, offers a unique dual perspective of the beneficial role of ASTM’s student membership category. During his 24 years in industry and government research he was an active ASTM member, serving primarily on Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants. Now, in his role as an educator he has the opportunity to expose the next generation of scientists to the resource that is ASTM.

“As an ASTM member, I have a deep appreciation of the role ASTM plays in the global marketplace and the personal and professional benefits it offers its members. Students need the opportunity to witness the fundamental application of the theory they gain through classroom learning and research. ASTM membership provides an invaluable opportunity to round out their learning, while better preparing them for their careers,” says Brinkman.

For ASTM International, the new student membership category also represents an investment in the future of the Society and its role in the marketplace of tomorrow. Writing in his Plain Talk column in the March 2003 issue of SN, ASTM president James A. Thomas commented, “Through these young people, ASTM International will be able to see its future now, infused with new talent and enthusiasm, more international and diverse than ever before. We welcome into our family these young men and women, our new engineers, our new business people, our leaders of tomorrow.”

Student members have a dedicated section of ASTM’s Web site. Here students can learn about the numerous benefits of the student membership category; access valuable informational resources about ASTM International and the field of standardization; apply for membership via on-line application form; download sample ASTM standards; and learn about the upcoming Student Paper Contest, where monetary awards will be given to the top three essays on the subject of “ASTM Standards in Business, Industry and Trade.” Also on the student section of the Web site, anyone can download a copy of a promotional poster (opposite) developed for easy display at universities.

You too can help foster the next generation of technical experts by spreading the word about the benefits of ASTM student membership. For more information, visit the student member section of the ASTM website. //

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