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August 2003 Approved Standards Actions
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A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys

Volume 01.03, 2004
A 1028-03, Specification for Stainless Steel Bars for Compressor and Turbine Airfoils

Volume 01.01, 2004
A 270-03 (Includes change to title), Specification for Seamless and Welded Austenitic and Ferritic/Austenitic Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing
A 335/A 335M-03, Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service
A 403/A 403M-03, Specification for Wrought Austenitic Stainless Steel Piping Fittings
A 500-03, Specification for Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in Rounds and Shapes
A 865-03, Specification for Threaded Couplings, Steel, Black or Zinc-Coated Galvanized Welded or Seamless, for Use in Steel Pipe Joints
A 908-03, Specification for Stainless Steel Needle Tubing
Volume 01.01, 2004
A 213/A 213M-03a, Specification for Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger Tubes
A 733-03, Specification for Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel and Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples
A 790/A 790M-03, Specification for Seamless and Welded Ferritic/Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe
A 814/A 814M-03, Specification for Cold-Worked Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe
A 959-03, Guide for Specifying Harmonized Standard Grade Compositions for Wrought Stainless Steels
A 994-03, Guide for Editorial Procedures and Form of Product Specifications for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Related Alloys
Volume 01.02, 2004
A 352/A 352M-03, Specification for Steel Castings, Ferritic and Martensitic, for Pressure-Containing Parts, Suitable for Low-Temperature Service
A 494/A 494M-03, Specification for Castings, Nickel and Nickel Alloy
A 743/A 743M-03, Specification for Castings, Iron-Chromium, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for General Application
Volume 01.02, 2004
A 351/A 351M-03, Specification for Castings, Austenitic, Austenitic-Ferritic Duplex , for Pressure-Containing Parts
Volume 01.02, 2004
A 781/A 781M-03a, Specification for Castings, Steel and Alloy, Common Requirements, for General Industrial Use
Volume 01.03, 2004
A 240/A 240M-03a, Specification for Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications
A 276-03, Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes
A 565-03a (Includes change to title), Specification for Martensitic Stainless Steel Bars for High-Temperature Service
Volume 01.04, 2004
A 242/A 242M-03a, Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel
Volume 01.04, 2004
A 328/A 328M-03, Specification for Steel Sheet Piling
Volume 01.04, 2004
A 588/A 588M-03, Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel with 50 Ksi 345 Mpa Minimum Yield Point to 4-in. 100-mm Thick
A 656/A 656M-03, Specification for Hot-Rolled Structural Steel, High-Strength Low-Alloy Plate with Improved Formability
Volume 01.05, 2004
A 336/A 336M-03, Specification for Alloy Steel Forgings for Pressure and High-Temperature Parts
Volume 01.05, 2004
A 788-03, Specification for Steel Forgings, General Requirements

Volume 01.01, 2004
E 527-83 (2003)
Volume 01.03, 2004
A 752-93 (2003)
A 752M-93 (2003)

A04 on Iron Castings

A 582/A 582M-95B (2000)e1

Volume 01.02, 2004
A 667/A 667M-87 (2003)
A 748/A 748M-87 (2003)

A06 on Magnetic Properties

Volume 03.04, 2004
A 811-03, Specification for Soft Magnetic Iron Parts Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy P/M Techniques
A 867-03, Specification for Iron-Silicon Relay Steels
A 901-03, Specification for Amorphous Magnetic Core Alloys, Semi-Processed Types

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