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ASTM Standards on Indoor Air Quality: Second Edition

MIL 17: The Composite Materials HandbookConsumer and Healthcare Packaging Standards

Manual 7A: Manual on Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis, Seventh Edition

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Feature: “The Last Mile”
by Jey K. Jeyapalan

Feature: Lifelines - Ensuring the Reliability of Water Supply Systems During Natural Disasters
by Ronald T. Eguchi and Douglas G. Honegger

Feature: Sewer Rehabilitation Technologies Benefit from the Development of Standards
by Steve Henning

HowTo: Succeeding as a Standards Professional, Part 1 of 5
by Laura Hitchcock

Word from the Chairman
by Richard J. Schulte

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Supraglottic Airways
Engine Coolants
Officers’ Conference
Archive Adhesives
Foundry Workers
Product Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality
European Odor Threshhold

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John Newby

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There’s more going on underground than you might imagine. From the installation of optical fiber cables to the maintenance of sewer pipes and ensuring the seismic reliability of underground water delivery systems, new ASTM Committee F36 is already hard at work developing standards for Technology and Underground Utilities. //

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