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New Health and Safety Group Seeks Volunteers to Develop Standards for Foundry Workers

ASTM Committee E34 on Occupational Health and Safety approved a new subcommittee in April to develop watchdog standards for workers in foundry environments.

The committee encourages members of the foundry industry; occupational and health professions; and related government or educational institutions to participate in the development of these standards.

The scope of new Foundry Safety and Health Subcommittee E34.20 is to “develop standards addressing hazards and specific needs for the metalcasting (foundry) industry, such as those involving molding, metal melting, pouring, and casting cleaning.”

“This new subcommittee is a spin-off of the Health and Safety Subcommittee of the American Foundry Society (AFS),” says Maxine Topping, manager, ASTM Technical Committees. “The subcommittee will be reformatting three AFS standards and balloting them as ASTM standards to bring them under ASTM International’s umbrella.” The AFS standards are:

• Safety Requirements for Melting and Pouring of Metals in the Metalcasting Industry;
• Safety Requirements for Cleaning and Finishing of Castings; and
• Safety Requirements for Sand Preparation, Molding and Coremaking in the Sand Foundry Industry.

In April, Committee E34 appointed a temporary subcommittee chairman, Thomas J. Slavin, manager, Occupational Safety and Health, International Truck and Engine Corporation, Warrenville, Ill. Those wishing to develop ASTM standards with the new subcommittee should contact Slavin (phone: 312/836-3929). Committee E34 meets Nov. 3-4 in Miami Beach. For meeting or membership details, contact Topping (phone: 610/832-9737). //

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