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Standards for Wilderness Rescue Training Under Way

In May, ASTM Committee F32 on Search and Rescue (SAR) formed a task group to write standard training requirements for SAR personnel responding to emergencies in land wilderness areas where mountain climbing, camping and similar activities occur. Variances in skills levels can create problems during missions; the standards can offer uniformity on a national level by defining core requirements for basic and intermediate SAR.

The task group consists of SAR specialists from Colorado, California and Washington, and SAR equipment manufacturers. Part of ASTM Subcommittee F32.03 on Personnel, Training and Education, the group is being led by Mike McDonald, training director for Douglas County SAR Team, Colo., and an assistant director of emergency services for the Civil Air Patrol.

Level I rescuers following the ASTM standard will posses basic knowledge of wilderness rescue equipment, as well as personal survival, first aid, weather, navigation, and more. This standard is a counterpart to ASTM F 1633, Standard Guide for Techniques in Land Search, created in 1997.

The Level II standard will define intermediate knowledge and skills required for land wilderness rescue. These standards, which have an estimated completion date of early next year, will benefit the National Fire Protection Association, Mountain Rescue Association, and National Association for Search and Rescue.

To participate in this activity, or obtain technical information, contact Mike McDonald, (phone: 303/792-5256). Committee F32 will hold their fall meeting immediately following the International Technical Rescue Symposium in Golden, Colo., Nov. 4-5. For further details, contact staff manager Maxine Topping, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9737). //

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