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Workshop Will Present Masonry Heater and Fireplace Research

ASTM Subcommittee E06.54 on Solid Fuel Burning Appliances is sponsoring the workshop, “Masonry Heater and Masonry Fireplace Research and Development of ASTM Standard Practice/Test Protocol and Safety,” to be held Sun., Oct. 21, in Dallas, Texas, during the technical meetings of Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings.

The purpose of the workshop is to compile and analyze all available technical and/or regulatory data for firing protocols that will determine construction practices for safe clearance to combustibles. Firing protocol data from manufacturers, and current tests from Europe and other countries will be available.

This information will help to identify potential areas for future research and testing. It will establish:

• An appropriate solid-fuel firing protocol for masonry heaters and fireplaces; and
• Construction and safe clearances for masonry heaters and masonry fireplaces.

It is hoped that the workshop will provide the information necessary to develop and revise ASTM E 1602, Standard Guide for Construction of Solid Fuel Burning Masonry Heaters (last updated in 1994) to reflect the requirements of a standard practice establishing construction and safe clearances for masonry heaters and masonry fireplaces, develop a firing protocol for test methodology, and develop a table using masonry construction materials and thickness based on firing protocol to calculate safe clearance to combustibles.

This workshop is intended for but not limited to masonry builders, masonry heater association members, manufacturers of masonry heaters and fireplaces, safety testing laboratories, various national, state and/or local building inspectors, fire safety officials and regulatory agencies concerned with environmental issues.

To submit research or attend, respond by Aug. 15 to the workshop chairman, Rod Zander, New England Hearth and Soapstone, LLC, Goshen, Conn. (phone: 860/491-3091). For more information about Committee E06, contact staff manager Steve Mawn, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9726). //

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