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Participation Wanted to Measure Sound Impact of Floors

Various coverings are applied to concrete floors to reduce impact sound, such as carpet, vinyl, and composite toppings. A task group of Subcommittee E33.03 on Sound Transmission within Committee E33 on Environmental Acoustics is at work on test methods that measure the effectiveness of floor coverings to reduce noise. Currently, a new test method is close to completion that is based on an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard.

Participation is sought to develop an extension of this test method that will measure sound impact of joist floors with wood subfloors, instead of concrete. Toppings are not as effective on such floors as they are on concrete. A reference floor has to be defined and modifications to the test procedures may need to be developed. These new test procedures will allow designers to select among floor coverings and toppings free of any contribution from the supporting floor or influences of the laboratory design.

Persons willing to participate should contact the task group chairman, Alf Warnock, NRC Canada, M59 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario, KIA ORL, Canada (613/993-9370; fax: 613/ 954-0483). Committee E33 meets Dec. 12-15 in Newport Beach, Calif. For meeting or membership details, contact manager Steve Mawn, ASTM (610/832-9726). //

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