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ASTM Nominating Committee Selects Slate of Board Candidates
The ASTM Nominating Committee, which was charged with selecting candidates for the 2001 Board of Directors, was appointed at the April 18 Board meeting. ASTM members appointed to the committee were: Terry S. Hawk, Dick Corporation; Robert Holcombe, Safety Components; Jack E. Lemons, University of Alabama-Birmingham; Leslie R. Richardson, Forintek Canada Corporation; Oscar Tavares, LaFarge Corporation; and Linda Walker, Wyeth-Ayerst. Other members of the Nominating Committee are the three most recent past-chairmen of the Board: James E. Bihr, William M. Edmunds, and James S. Pierce.
The Nominating Committee met on June 15 at ASTM Headquarters in West Conshohocken and selected the following slate:

Chairman of the Board, one-year term: Donald E. Marlowe, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Vice Chairman, two-year term: Wayne N. Holliday; and six Directors, three-year term: Anthony E. Fiorato, Construction Technology Laboratories; Laura Hitchcock, Boeing Company; Luis Felipe Ordonez, Aislantes Minerales S.A. De C.V.; Jack E. Parr, Wright Medical Technology; Gregory E. Saunders, U.S. Department of Defense, Standardization Program Office; and Fabio Tobon, Instituto Colobiano De Normas Technicas Y Certificacion.

A ballot card, voting instructions and biographical information on each candidate will be published in the October issue of Standardization News for your approval.

In addition to electing the 2001 Board of Directors, you are asked to recommend candidates from the ASTM membership to serve on next year’s Nominating Committee. Please include your suggestions on the bottom portion of October’s ballot card.

Look for the ballot card in October Standardization News, cast your vote and return the card to ASTM Headquarters. Contact Maureen Houck (610/832-9594) should you need any further information. //

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