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 April 2007
Tech News

Nonferrous Metals Committee Develops New General Requirements for Zinc Standard

A project originally intended to develop a uniform template for the language within a series of standards has resulted in the approval of a new standard, B 949, Specification for General Requirements for Zinc and Zinc Alloy Products. The new standard is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee B02.04 on Zinc and Cadmium, which is part of ASTM International Committee B02 on Nonferrous Metals and Alloys.

Products made with zinc alloys

According to John Malmgreen, vice president of manufacturing and quality, Eastern Alloys Inc., and a B02.04 member, the development of B 949 began with a study of the language in sampling and analysis sections of many B02.04 standards. The original plan was to create standard language that would be used in each B02.04 document. However, after it was determined that many sections in addition to sampling and analysis in B02.04 standards had very similar language, it was decided to develop a new standard to which other standards would subsequently refer.

Practice B 949 prescribes the basic commercial transaction requirements between producer-sellers and users of zinc and zinc alloys. “The practical application of B 949 is to establish uniformity among the various zinc and zinc alloy standards under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee B02.04,” says Malmgreen. Now that the standard has been approved, the appropriate sections of other B02.04 standards will be revised to include references to B 949.

While Subcommittee B02.04 is a very active subcommittee with a high level of participation, Malmgreen says that participation from all interested parties is welcome. “The more participation and input from those in the industry, academia, research and other interested parties, the better the ultimate product,” says Malmgreen. “One must keep in mind that, although the specifications currently under our jurisdiction and those yet to be developed are technical standards with technological-based requirements, the ultimate final document is a collaborative process that, when possible, must also take into consideration the realities of the industry and business arrangements. This is one of the strengths of ASTM standards. Since they are developed through a collaborative process, the standards are technically sound and practical at the same time.”


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