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 April 2007
Tech News

Playground Surfacing Subcommittee Develops Poured-in-Place Guide

While poured-in-place playground surfacing is a very promising form of playground surface construction, its use has not been without problems. In order to address these issues, ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities has developed F 2479, Guide for Specification, Purchase, Installation and Maintenance of Poured-in-Place Playground Surfacing. F 2479 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F08.63 on Playground Surfacing Systems.
In addition to providing information regarding the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of poured-in-place playground surfaces, F 2479 also outlines issues of compliance with existing standards, durability and longevity, and covers a wide variety of issues concerning poured-in-place playground surfacing.

“Lack of knowledge on the part of the owner/operator often puts them in a position of owning a playground surface that is physically failing or, worse yet, presents a hazard through the loss of impact attenuation,” says Rolf Huber, president, Everplay Installation, Inc., and a member of Subcommittee F08.63. “F 2479 will assist stakeholders in a playground to better understand and presumably own a poured-in-place surface that meets all their expectations and protects children playing in the playground.”

Huber believes that the primary users of F 2479 will be prospective specifiers and purchasers of poured-in-place surfaces. He also feels that the standard could be used by current manufacturers and installers to better understand their products.

The subcommittee invites participation in future revisions to F 2479 as well as in other standards developing activities. “We have solid representation of manufacturers and it would be nice to have greater participation of owner/operators, as they are the most affected by these standards at the time of purchase and through the life of the playground,” says Huber. Now that F 2479 has been approved, the subcommittee will be working on a performance standard with specific tests and minimum performances for poured-in-place surfaces.


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Phone: 416/410-3113

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Phone: 610/832-9714

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