New High-Rise Building Evacuation Standard Now Available

A new ASTM International standard is focused on equipment that will allow for the emergency evacuation of people who are not able to use standard exit facilities in high-rise buildings. The standard, E 2484, Specification for High-Rise Building External Evacuation Controlled Descent Devices, was developed by Subcommittee E06.77 on High Rise Building External Evacuation Devices, under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings.

A controlled descent device system can be used to lower one or two people at a time with each person wearing a rescue harness, on the outside of a building, from an upper level to the ground or another safe location. Specification E 2484 details the process of designing, building, testing and certifying controlled descent devices.

According to Jonathan (Yoni) Shimshoni, chair of Subcommittee E06.77 and CEO, Escape Rescue Systems, the development of E 2484 is the result of a growing market for multi-story building external evacuation products. “There are a growing number of different products and manufacturers, a growing number of users and interested buyers and a growing number of professionals who seek to increase multi-story building safety,” says Shimshoni.

Subcommittee E06.77 welcomes participation from all interested parties in its standards developing efforts. “The main activity of the subcommittee currently is the development of a new standard for multi-story building external evacuation platform rescue systems,” says Shimshoni. “The subcommittee is also seeking new participants to drive the development of a proposed new standard for multi-story building emergency evacuation chute devices.”

Shimshoni further notes that the subcommittee is particularly interested in people with expertise in related fields such as fire safety, mechanical engineering, communications and human behavior who would like to contribute to the further development of E 2484 and other E06.77 standards.


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