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Volume 35, Number 4
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 April 2007  Masthead

Volume 35, Number 4

April 2007

Editor in Chief
Maryann Gorman

News Editor/Writer
Richard Wilhelm

Graphic Designer
Michael P. Wells

Contributing Designer
Jake Palmer

Director of Production and Graphic Design 
Lesley Boylan West

Advertising Sales Manager
Ellen McGlinchey

Director of Corporate Communications
Barbara Schindler

Vice President, Corporate Development
Drew Azzara

Gregory E. Saunders, CHAIRMAN
Richard F. Kayser, VICE CHAIRMAN
Paul K. Whitcraft, VICE CHAIRMAN
Roger E. Stoller, CHAIRMAN of the FINANCE
James A. Thomas, PRESIDENT

Rashid Ahmad Bin-Fahad
Roger L. Blaine
James A. Horton
Thomas S. Jones
Julie H. Kilgore
Manuel A. Lascarro
Earl A. Lawrence
James A. Luppens
Sandra L. Niks
Catherine H. Pilarz
Richard W. Reaves
Earl A. Ruth
Thomas A. Schwartz
Paul H. Shipp
Ronald F. Silletti
James H. Turner, Jr.
Robert B. Waller, Jr.
Kenneth F. Yarosh

Past Chairmen
N. David Smith
Anthony E. Fiorato

Committee on Publications
Todd Allen, CHAIRMAN
Gregory E. Saunders, EX-OFFICIO
Edward G. Nisbett, VICE CHAIRMAN
Zdenek Hejzlar
Patricia A. Keane
Hong Liang
Richard E. Link
Rodney A. McPhee
Scott M. Schlorholtz
Sharon Siegler
L. David Suits