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 April 2007
Tech News

Sustainability Expert Andrea Russell to Speak at Thermal Insulation Committee Meeting

Andrea Russell, sustainability manager, Rio Tinto Minerals, will speak on “The Basics of Life Cycle Assessment and Insulation” on April 16 in conjunction with the meetings of Committee C16 on Thermal Insulation during the April Committee Week in Norfolk, Va. Russell’s presentation,which will take place from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Waterside Convention Center, is part of Committee C16’s ongoing program to bring a speaker in to educate members during each committee meeting.

During her presentation, Russell will provide insights into life cycle assessment that will be of interest to members of Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings (also meeting at the April Committee Week), as well as members of Committee C16.

Life cycle thinking provides the tools and techniques businesses need to compare technologies, evaluate projects, pinpoint improvement opportunities and publicize product benefits. It also facilitates effective long-term strategy development in the areas of technology advancement and capital investment. Moreover, the systems perspective inherent in life cycle methods helps businesses reduce costs, avoid future liability and plan product strategies. Russell’s presentation will explore the basics, benefits and future of life cycle thinking and what it offers to the insulation industry.

In her role as sustainability manager for Rio Tinto Minerals, Andrea Russell manages the company’s global sustainability efforts, which are integrated into the organization’s operational, commercial, financial and administrative functions. She is an acknowledged expert on sustainability, incorporating the principles and tools of sustainable development, environmental management and sustainable product assessment into existing business strategy. //


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